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Sunday, May 13, 2007

$7 Dollar Selling

Which of These Great Money Making Blueprints Do You Want for Less Than 15 Pence (about 30 cents) Each? With Full Resell Rights and My Promotional Copy For You To Use!

Oh, it's such a great eBook I've found for you today, it's one of those titles that's so packed with money-making information that you really do think it's worth much more than the $7 - about £3.50 - the author asks for: fabulous, exclusive, little known information about making money on the Internet even without a web site of your own.

The book is new, so new, as you'll realise from what I was told that prompted me to buy William Charlwood's product (beside the fact he's also an AdWords guru whose advice I have paid to read and learn from over the past few years).

This is what he told me today: 'Yesterday, I published a Special Report that shows you 12 ways you can start an online business WITHOUT A WEBSITE and 6 ways you can start WITH NO MONEY. Called $7 Dollar Selling it is 45 pages long and comes with 100% Resale Rights'. (Actually, I don't think he's doing himself justice here, I counted at least 23 great ways to make easy money online from this book).

And Hey, THAT MEANS YOU CAN RESELL THE PRODUCT AS MANY TIMES AS YOU LIKE, AND RECEIVE ALL THOSE $7 PAYMENTS DIRECTLY INTO YOUR PAYPAL ACCOUNT - MOST IMPORTANTLY - Order From My Link Below and I'll Even Send you the text you are reading right now - my copyright - to use in your promotions. That's got to be worth $7, don't you think? And you can pass this on to your buyers too.

So, apart from having my email to promote the report, for $7 - £3.50 - William Charlwood tells you all about making money from:

* Exploiting Resale Rights Reports

* Email Marketing

* Google AdWords

* Advertising on Yahoo

* Forum Signatures

* Article Marketing

* eZine Advertising

* Viral Marketing with PDFs

* Blogging

* Press Releases

* Classified Advertising

* eBay

* Typo-squatting - typo-squatting, what the ? is typo-squatting? It's actually an easy and very profitable way to make money online but given that I didn't know what it was until I bought this new eBook, I think I too should keep it secret from all but paying customers.

The new Book SEVEN DOLLAR SELLING is by William Charlwood and I've only just bought my copy today.

If making quick cash with help and advice from a real expert turns you on, click on the link below to download your copy today and begin making money tomorrow, earlier if you add the link for the product to your signature file (and use my email promo for follow ups or just add it directly to your signature file).

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