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Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Affiliate X Factor

I can't believe this. Some
26 year old kid has released
his "X Factor Affiliate" Report
for fre.e

It's show's how be bought
two Ferrari's, a million dollar
beach front home and a super
yacht *IN LESS* than 12

...using nothing more than the
*POWER* of affiliate marketing

Download your Fre.e Affiliate
X Factor Report now

Saturday, February 02, 2008

New Free Resource

This new site in beta looks like it is going to be smoking hot. It is totally fr*ee. I have not gone through it all yet but I have reviewed much of the FAQ... it will explain a lot as to how it works.

If you need fr*ee adver'tising, check out Qassia. You could over time have gazillions of people viewing your websites and backlinking to you... almost effortlessly and the best part, it's fr*ee.

You can also ea*rn what they call 'Qassia Ca*sh* in addition to growing your ad*sense revenue.

Very new and very cool idea.

Jim Cockrum - The eBay Expert